About Alaina

Hi! I’m Alaina, a Midwestern who cannot stop talking about what she’s reading. Or writing about what she’s reading, in this case. I am, in no particular order: a dog mama, an INFJ, an attorney, a wife, a terrible runner, a worse quilter, a Christian, an aunt, and an aggressively prolific cookie-baker.

My favorite books are the ones that break your heart — that pull you so inextricably into the world they create and make you feel for their characters, whatever those emotions may be. I think fiction books are best when they teach you something about the human experience.

My second favorite books are the ones that let you escape; when they open a side door and say, “Hey, come play in this world, the one where politics aren’t so terrible, or cancer doesn’t exist, or an average person can turn out to be really special and really change the world for good.” I’m always up for a trip down the rabbit holes.

My least favorite books are math books.

If there’s a book you’d like me to review, let me know! I love recommendations. And if you disagree with my review, let me know that too! You’re probably wrong, but I’d love to talk about it 🙂 (Just kidding — I’m sure you’re accomplished and handsome and smart. Who else would be reading this blog?)