Graveyard Shift

Title: Graveyard Shift
Author: Angela Roquet
Publisher: Smashwords

graveyard shift

This book was cheap when I first bought it, which is why I went ahead and purchased a book with so many of my usual no’s: a chick-flick type cover, a romantic sub-plot, and discussion of multiple real world religions in a work of genre fiction. I’m so glad I did–this book isĀ fantastic.

If romances are normally a deal-breaker for you too (no shade, I know some people love them–I just don’t!), consider reading this anyway. The thing that always turns me off romances is the drama and tension and the endless dissection of emotions. This book avoids all those things. The characters that get together do so without emotional hijinks. It feels like they’re adults making adult decisions–I could see me or my friends doing similar things (admittedly not in an underworld ruled by deities and Grim, the head reaper). It’s a little convenient how everyone you care about in the book pairs off, but not in a way that’s distracting from the plot.

And speaking of the plot, I think the author did a super-creative and respectful job of handling the religious elements. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the series: the premise is that all religions turned out to be correct and, once you die, your soul is escorted by a Reaper from our world, across the sea of Eternity, to the heaven/hell that corresponds with what you believed. Atheists are dumped into the sea. The Reapers (along with their boss, Grim), the Fates, and others live in the city of Limbo, which functions much like a regular city including the political machinations related to the distribution and management of territory and resources (aka, the souls).

The protagonist, Lana Harvey, never intends to get wrapped up in the political issues of her boss and the council, but finds herself slowly and inexorably dragged into the middle of the thorniest problem facing Limbo. There’s plenty of action–she kicks some bad guy ass, which I always appreciate–and even gets some pretty cute puppy dogs. (At least, I picture them as being super cute . . . but I have yet to meet a dog I didn’t think looked cute.)

If you’re looking for a quick, pleasurable read–check this book out! I can’t wait to tackle the rest of the series . . . preferably on a beach with a strawberry daiquiri. Happy reading!